Planet Earth Cycles
Planet Earth Cycles Proudly Presents GreenMachine When we first began our search for the world\'s best recumbent bicycle, we knew exactly what we were looking for: solid construction, clean, uncluttered design, enclosed drive train and quality components. Price was not an issue, we were simply looking for the best and were not willing to make any compromises. In fact, if we did not find a bike that met our standards, we were prepared to design and build our own. In fact, that process had actually begun when we discovered the GreenMachine, created and built by Flevobike Technology The more we learned about the GreenMachine, the more excited we became. Within a few weeks we met with Flevobike Technology founder Johan Vrielink and his family in Dronten, Netherlands. While there, we watched Johan\'s sons; André, Erwin and Arjan, hand-build GreenMachines using a combination of custom built parts and top shelf components. Anodized aluminum components are milled in Flevobike\'s on-sight CNC machine and the extruded aluminum backbone doubles as a frame and drive-chain enclosure. The GreenMachine is a virtually maintenance free all-round bicycle, which offers a big advantage to the commuting cyclist. This bike can be ridden all year long through any type of weather without worrying about exposed chain, derailleurs and other drive train components. The unique, center-mounted, Rohloff Speedhub has 14 sequential gears and offers many years of riding pleasure and shifting comfort. The high-tech disc brakes guarantee sufficient braking power and great modulation during long and steep descents. The high tension mesh offers unmatched support, ventilation and comfort. * In 2007 there were 269 entries from 27 lands had their products judged at the annual Eurobike International Bike Conference. Top honors went to the GreenMachine.



 Bike Specification:
Total length:
– size S ± 68.5 inch.
– size M ± 71 inch.
– size L ± 73.25 inch.
– ± 47 inch.
– Handle bar ± 16 inch. (ASS)
– Handle bar ± 62 inch. (USS)
– size S 43 inch.
– size M 44.09 inch.
– size L 44.84 inch.
– Seat height: ± 21 inch.
– Seat angle: adjustable from 35° - 50°
– Back support: Lenomesh fabric
(ventilated), Aluminium frame
– Seat: Aluminium with foam padding
– 1” with needle bearings
Difference between seat height –
BB height:
± 17 to 22 inch.
– starting from 16,2 kg
– full equipment version 36 kg
Frame(parts): Aluminium