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Clubs/Rider Groups/Organizations
Bent Riders Arizona Group
Bloomington Area Recumbent Riders (Indiana)
Central Florida Recumbent Riders
Country Cruisers (Omaha Nebraska)
Louisville's Relaxed Recumbent Riders Group
MARS, New York Metro Area Recumbent Club
Minnesota Human Powered Vehicles Association
NYC Bent Riders
New York
North Florida Recumbent Riders
Oregon HPV
Ontario Canada (Southern)
RARE Rochester Area Recumbent Enthusiasts
Recumbent Cycling Ontario
Recumbent Riders of Sacramento
Rocket Riders (East Tennessee)
South Florida Recumbent Riders

Orange County Bicycle Club

Tri-County Recumbent Riders
5 Boro Bike Club
NY Cycle Club  
Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club  
Central Jersey Bicycle Club
Narragansett Bay Wheelmen
Granite State Wheelmen

HPV Racing
- Sanctioning body for HPV events. Go here for rules
International Human Powered Vehicle Association 


Recumbent Information
Recumbent/upright comparison page
The Recumbent & HPV Information Center great introduction to recumbent bikes
Christian's European recumbent photo gallery, part 1
Christian's European recumbent photo gallery, part 2
Recumbent and Tandem Rider

Bicycle History Sites
Early history of recumbent bikes - Winning Forbidden by Anfried Schmitz
Recent history of recumbent bikes - Interview with Gardner Martin
A Brief History of the Bicycle - Princeton University Engineering Dept.
Recumbent bicycle Most complete treatment of recumbent history I'm aware of.

General bicycling information sources and cool stuff
Biketracker - A free web site which allows you to keep a virtual log of your bike rides.
Sheldon Brown's Harris Cyclery site
- A must-see resource. Got a question? Go here first.

Bicycle Advocacy Groups
Bicycling Life
National Bicycle Greenway


International GreenMachine Sites
Flevobike Technology (The Netherlands)
Flevelo (Germany)