Planet Earth Cycles

Q. Who is Planet Earth Cycles?
A. We are a small, boutique importer/distributor of unique, high quality, low volume bicycles.

Q. What makes your company different?
A. Our company mission is to scour the world looking for the the very best example in each category, Recumbent, Folding Bike, Compact Bike, Urban Commuter and Electric Assist.

Q. What criteria do you use in your selection?
A. Class leader as measured by clever design, timeless beauty, meticulous build quality, usability and uniqueness.

Q. Do you consider cost in your selection?
No, we are simply looking for the best, regardless of cost. Our bikes are for people who do not want to compromise.

Q. But how can you justify spending several thousand dollars on any bicycle?
A. Although our bicycles represent great value for money. When you consider that most of our customers will own the bikes they buy here for the rest of their lives, it is more of an investment in themselves then it is an expense.

Q. What do you mean, investment in themselves?
A. If you really enjoy riding a bike and you get a lot of use out of it, whether it be for pleasure or as part of one\\\\\\\'s daily commute, your health is benefiting as is your pocketbook.

Q. OK, but $5,000 is still a lot of money for a bike.
A. That depends on how you look at it and how long it will last. Let\\\\\\\'s say you purchase one of our premium bikes say at 50 years old and you ride it until you are 70. That means that you can amortize that $5,000 over 20 years or just $250 per year.

Q. Why should I purchase a bike from Planet Earth Cycles?
A. We take our job very seriously. Most of what we do is to insure that these bikes not only fit you but are a good fit for you and how you plan to use them. There is no pressure, just accurate information to help you made the most intelligent buying decision possible.

Q. I saw the GreenMachine in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog but it is referred to as "The Nederlander Bicycle" is it the same?
A. The Nederlander Bicycle is a particular configuration of the GreenMachine that was customized as per Hammacher Schlemmer's specific instructions. Planet Earth Cycles is proud to be the supplier of The Nederlander Bicycle to Hammacher Schlemmer.